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Black Spout Waterfall, Pitlochry

Black Spout Waterfall, Pitlochry
I first visited this impressive waterfall (of which this is but a tiny proportion near the top of the spout) in the Edradour woods outside Pitlochry over two years ago, with a particular photo in mind. Subsequent visits have had their shade of difficulties - too much water flowing to render the rocky shelf inaccessible or inclement weather - but as I was experimenting with different compositions on this latest visit we enjoyed spectacular patterns of light and shadow on the waterfall.

A combination of techniques: massive HDR (9*±0.7EV) to handle the dynamic range of the scene from bright white water to dark shady stone; pixel-shift for super-resolution around the midtones. Combining multiple images also helped give the effect of a long exposure in the water whilst retaining lots of highlight detail.

I'm particularly pleased to have captured a small fraction of a rainbow in the spray off to the right cascade.


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