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Black Woods of Rannoch: Some Trees 3

Black Woods of Rannoch: Some Trees 3
Situated on the southern shores of Loch Rannoch, the Black Woods are one of two Caledonian Forest reserves in Perthshire.

It's interesting to analyze them from the point of view of tree density: there are areas of dense plantation (even if it is pine, it's been treated as monoculture); there are parts of the forest that have been replanted following attempts to fell for timber (heathens!); and there are the most obviously natural native areas with a healthy mix of trees - not all pines, but some older granny Scots Pines every so often. It's in the deeper parts of the forest that the trees are most characterful...

In a healthy ecosystem about 40-60% of the wood is dead, decaying so its nutrients can be returned and new flora grow from the remains.


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