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Buffalo Hut, Rohallion, Birnam Hill

Buffalo Hut, Rohallion, Birnam Hill
Built for Sir William Drummond Stewart of Murthly Castle on his return from the US, this astonishing, well-detailed hut was erected to house two Native Americans who had accompanied him on his return to Murthly at the end of the 1830s.

I visited in late November, just after Storm Arwen had passed by (causing red-alert warnings from the MetOffice); just round the corner from this hut five large conifer trees had fallen across the path, rendering it impassible. So I took a focus-stack of the hut and thought the sky would look better replaced afterwards in post - thought this view of the Milky Way worked with the cool shadow tones.


Camera: FUJIFILM X-T4 ISO: 160
Focal Length: 42.9mm (64mm-e) Aperture: f/5.6
Shutter Speed: 0.001818181818s


GPS location: 56.541416, -3.55521