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Christmas Tree & Cone Nebulae (NGC2644)

Christmas Tree & Cone Nebulae (NGC2644)
NGC 2264 is a young star cluster and nebula complex located in the constellation Monoceros. Around 2700 lightyears distant, this region is particularly famous for the two nebulae known as the Christmas Tree & Cone nebulae. The cluster contains a multitude of young stars, many of which are surrounded by protoplanetary disks—structures from which planets may eventually form. The Cone Nebula is illuminated by the nearby Christmas Tree Cluster, making it visible against the backdrop of glowing gas and dust.

I chose this target for the particular interplay of Ha & OIII data - with about 12 hours' total integration time, the OIII signal is strong enough to make the oxygen appear wrapped around the hydrogen nebulosity like a fine blue scarf.

Skywatcher 80ED, 12hr, IDAS NBZ dual narrowband filter, NINA, processed in AstroPixelProcessor and PixInsight.


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