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Come Into the Woods

Come Into the Woods
I initially found this scene whilst out walking the Loch Morlich circular route.
Unsurprisingly, in daylight it looked completely different - yet arguably quite appealing, with the exposed roots leading through tree and boulder to autumn yellow-green warm colours in the trees beyond.

For the first time, the little Fuji camera let me down in daylight - suddenly decided to have trouble reading both SD cards for no obvious reason.
So I stole the SD cards from the Sony camera, which worked, and returned to the scene in the car.

Dusk turned to night. The last few folks in the carpark departed.
And I broke out the lights.

The lighting is mostly obvious: two Manfrotto LED lights placed either side backlighting the big boulder catching the increasing mist and drizzle floating around and illuminating the brilliant pale green Scots Pine branches above. The foreground was illuminated with a torch reflected off my hand to control the shape of the light.

Four frames, each 2 minutes exposure, shot as a vertorama and stitched in Hugin before final toning in darktable.


Camera: ISO:
Focal Length: mm (mm-e) Aperture: f/
Shutter Speed: s


GPS location: 57.165703, -3.722431