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Craignavar Deserted Township, Glen Almond

Craignavar Deserted Township, Glen Almond
Many years ago, when I was buying my first house nearby, looking for places to go exploring, the solicitor mentioned the Sma' Glen. I visited it several times in those early years, mostly just strolling along the road by the river.

A couple of years ago, a pal on Mastodon mentioned Craignavar, prompting a bit of research - pleasantly surprised to see it right in Glen Almond just off the Sma' Glen and easily accessible at that - just a little up a hillside so easy to pass by.

Comprising the stone ruins of at least 22 rectangular buildings and a corn-drying kiln with associated stone-walled enclosures and fields, Craignavar was deserted in around 1820. It's unknown whether it was part of the forced Highland Clearances or just a voluntary departure due to economic reasons.

...So I revisited a couple more times. This was made on a dull overcast day, using the DJI Air 3 drone to snap a couple of hundred source frames all around the landscape at various angles, from which I used WebODM to build a 3D model, illuminated in Blender (hence the strong oblique side-lighting to enhance the structure) and finished in LuminarAI.


Camera: ISO:
Focal Length: mm (mm-e) Aperture: f/
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GPS location: 56.465125, -3.822597