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Cromwell Tree, Bridge of Earn

Cromwell Tree, Bridge of Earn
I first read about this in the book 'Heritage Trees of Scotland' and thought I'd check it out, with it being one of the closest to home.

It's easy to find; from Bridge of Earn, head south over the railway bridge and it's in the field to the left.

The tree looks dead, but while the top half is a mass of dead bleached white complex filigree of branch remnants, the bottom third has fresh growth.

It's known as Cromwell's Tree as it commemorates the fact that Oliver Cromwell set up camp at Bridge of Earn in 1651. There is no documented evidence proving a direct link, but the tree is old enough to have been present in the 17th Century.

I first photographed this tree in 2016; having acquired an e-bike late last year, this was the first photographic "target" I visited - the new means of transport affording an opportunity to rest and watch the light coming and going illuminating the tree in varying degrees of contrast.


Focal Length: mm (mm-e) Aperture: f/
Shutter Speed: s


GPS location: 56.34392, -3.409219