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Glencoe Lochan by night

Glencoe Lochan by night
This is a much-photographed view, looking down the length of the lochan from north-east corner to south-west, but I wanted to experiment with night-time photography for the reflections posisble.

Definitely a "mixed lighting" photo. In addition to starlight (Sagitarius and Scutum near the Milky Way core, just left of centre), the distant mountain is illuminated by near-full moonlight with the moon rising out of the left side of the frame; I light-painted the trees along both shores of the loch by hand at the scene with a fairly powerful LED torch - rather amazed at the reach of the light.


Camera: ISO:
Focal Length: mm (mm-e) Aperture: f/
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GPS location: 56.692137, -5.092579