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Iris Nebula

Iris Nebula
NGC7023 aka the Iris Nebula is a reflection nebula 1300 light-years away in Cepheus, about 6 light-years across.
It's particularly impressive caught in the middle of LDN1170, the large swathes of brown dust swirling around.

SkyWatcher 8" Quattro, RisingCam IM571 OSC camera, Baader Neodymium filter.
130 * 180s lights
128 * 180s darks
266 * 0.5s biases
192 * 13s flats

Stacked in PixInsight and finished in Darktable.


Camera: ISO:
Focal Length: mm (mm-e) Aperture: f/
Shutter Speed: s


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