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LDN 1269, Ced 214, Cepheus

LDN 1269, Ced 214, Cepheus
An abstract view, part of a larger well-known emission nebula (Ced 214) in Cepheus. I've photographed the whole emission nebula before as a mosaic, but thought the central portion worthy of more detail with its two main veins of dark nebula in amongst the Ha emission nebula.

Ced214, also identified as Sh2-171 in the Sharpless Catalogue, is situated approximately 2740 light years away within the Cepheus constellation. Within Ced214, the open cluster Berkeley 59 is embedded, contributing to the nebula's luminosity. This nebula serves as a dynamic stellar nursery, actively giving rise to stars of modest mass.

Shot with an IDAS NBZ dual-narrowband filter, processed in PI, WBPP and mostly in Affinity to clean-up the HOO palette. I also converted it to black-and-white - rather than just taking the Ha channel, this is a more classical weighted combination of both channels.


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