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Loup o'Fintry on a wet day

Loup o'Fintry on a wet day
Prior to visiting, I was telling a friend how, if we timed it right, we'd get the sun low along the valley beyond the waterfall. We didn't. Neither did the weather. Arriving a few hours early, we got absolutely soaked as the heavens descended in a teriffic burst of rain.
So I took this photo instead - the obvious wide-angle incorporating the foreground rock (a basaltic lava outcrop), waterfall, trees blowing around in the breeze and along the valley.

A combination of HDR and pixel-shift to bring optimum exposure for the water whilst handling the dynamic range from dark shadows below the boulder to hints of texture in the bright sky above.


Camera: FUJIFILM X-H2 ISO: 125
Focal Length: 16mm (24mm-e) Aperture: f/14
Shutter Speed: 0.01428571429s


GPS location: 56.049654, -4.149371