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M42: the Great Nebula in Orion

M42: the Great Nebula in Orion
Perhaps the most obvious and popular choice for a first deep-sky target, M42 is a bright diffuse nebula in Orion, visible to the naked eye. At about 1344ly distant and 24ly across, with a mass of around 2000 solar masses, it is the nesarest massive star-forming region to Earth.

My attempt last year was reasonable at the time, but I wanted to update the data using a combination of Optolong l-eNhance filter (for extra Ha, Hb and OIII) and Baader Neodymium filter (broadband light-pollution reduction). This image blends data from both - extracting synthetic narrowband channels from the l-eNhance and combining with the RGB from the neodymium, processed to emphasize all the dust in the surrounding background.


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