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M52, Bubble Nebula and Nova in Cassiopeia

M52, Bubble Nebula and Nova in Cassiopeia
Nova PNV J23244760+6111140 (PNVinCas) was discovered on 18 March by Japanese amateur astronomer Yuji Nakamura.

Here it is, centre-frame, the middle of a line of 3 below and slightly left of the triangle of 3 golden stars, the scene surrounded by the Bubble Nebula and open cluster M52 (NGC 7654).

Skywatcher Quattro 8" with Altair Astro 26C camera, -10ºC, gain 1000, 2min subs:
Baader Neodymium: 10
UHC: 5
Bias: 128
Dark: 32
Flats: 8 each
AstroPixelProcessor and Affinity


Camera: notAvailable ISO:
Focal Length: mm (mm-e) Aperture: f/
Shutter Speed: s


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