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Paint the Sky with Stars: Sh2-140, Cepheus

Paint the Sky with Stars: Sh2-140, Cepheus
One of those serendipitous discoveries caused by scanning around the sky to see what would look nice for the second half of an evening without having to change the filter...

An interesting part of Cepheus, the bit that looks like an ear or prawn-cracker toward the upper-right is Sharpless Sh2-140 with Lynd's LDN 1204 and LDN 2304 as wisps of dark nebulae around the centre of the frame.

Skywatcher 80ED, RisingCam IMX571 OSC and IDAS NBZ dual-narrowband filter. 10.5 hours total integration time.
Processed in AstroPixelProcessor - synthetic Ha & OIII channels extracted - and PixInsight to extract the most from the OIII signal then using a funky PixelMath formula for blending them together into varying shades of blue and green.


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