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Rosette Nebula (NGC2237)

Rosette Nebula (NGC2237)
It's a well-known target 5200 light-years away by 130ly across in the constellation Monoceros (the Unicorn), but with 5 consecutive clear nights over a long weekend, I had to give it a go before it faded into the west toward the end of hte season.
It's got a lot going for it - the overall shape, the interplay of emission Ha and OIII nebulosity, gas and dust and veins of dark nebulae as well. There are about 2500 new stars in the nebula, with a concentrated star-forming region to hte south-east.

41 * 3-minute lights, Skywatcher 80ED, QHY268C, Optolong l-eNhance filter, processed with HaHOO palette in PixInsight and darktable.


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