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The Broich Yew

The Broich Yew
A very impressive tree - rightly listed in Heritage Trees of Scotland.

Yew trees propagate by layering - a process whereby a branch extends out and down to the ground, taking root and forming a new tree. Certainly makes it look spooky.

Yews are also highly toxic - everything about the tree, apart from the red flesh of the berries, contains cardiotoxic taxines. Consuming 50g of the tree's needles would be fatal. In the Middle Ages, longbows would be made from yews and their manufacturers had a shorter life expectancy from handling the wood.

Estimates currently put it at around 900yr old and the owners of the adjacent house say it seems to have had a growth spurt this past century or so.
It was measured in 2013 at 13m high with a girth of 3.93m and an outer circumference of 110m.

Note: this is in a private garden grounds.


Camera: FUJIFILM X-H2 ISO: 125
Focal Length: 8mm (12mm-e) Aperture: f/5.6
Shutter Speed: 0.02222222222s


GPS location: 56.128739, -4.189296