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The Miles We Covered

The Miles We Covered
I've had this latent theme for many years now - something about putting my boots in an otherwise ostensibly "landscape" scene. This one occurred to me right on the first visit, although I had to come back a second time when it was darker to get the effect I wanted.

Taken at the Burn o'Vat in the Muir of Dinnet nature reserve as dusk had long fallen, using LED lights to illuminate the waterfall warm/orange colour and spot-light both the boots and another boulder.
The scene was built-up piece by piece, with separate frames for each element (each of them a focus-stack of 10 or 11 frames front to back) and another for the overall ambient light.
All the RAW files were converted in DxO then focus-stacked and artistically blended in Affinity before final toning in LuminarAI.


Camera: FUJIFILM X-H2 ISO: 125
Focal Length: 16mm (24mm-e) Aperture: f/4.5
Shutter Speed: 2.5s


GPS location: 57.083971, -2.950581