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The Praying Hands of Mary / Fionn's Rock

The Praying Hands of Mary / Fionn's Rock
An increaingly well-known rock formation - a weathered glacial erratic (semipelite?) in a landscape of small moraine hillocks.

This is another photographic experiment: wanting to catch the light and dappled cloud shadows in multiple depths into the scene, I left the camera recording an 8K timelapse for 40 minutes - during which I watched the light undulating over the landscape. For a long time, there were merely faint hints of light patterns on the mountains to the left, which took ages to move into the distance; then within the space of 20 seconds, a huge wave of brilliant sunlight passed over from behind, first illuminating the Hands, then passing over the hillsides beyond.
I extracted about 150 frames from the movie, upscaled and blended starting from an average of many frames with no obvious light to form a dull background (and clouds averaged from an integration of 6 minutes' data) before selectively overlaying a few frames for the foreground/middle-ground bright light in Affinity before finishing the tonality in LuminarAI.


Camera: ISO:
Focal Length: mm (mm-e) Aperture: f/
Shutter Speed: s


GPS location: 56.593152, -4.264778